More than 400 people who took part in the first-ever “RECOGNITION DAY “ for “CERTIFIED INDEPENDENT BROKERS” of “SMART LIVING” at XIER RESTAURANT, Via Rutilla 16 Milano, Italy.
The main goal and purpose of our beloved CEO LYLE SASAN is to” change people’s lives “ especially our OFW’s globally and their families back home. The featured BROKERS went the extra mile to reach their goal and objective. He also wants to inspire the Aspiring Independent Brokers to give their absolute best to promote and share the life to change advocacy …
These were the different quotes from Representatives — “I feel new sense of purpose towards the campaign of changing people’s lives” … — “I love the advice about negative people” ,” I must be patient all the time” … — “Tomorrow I’m ready to get back to work & how  I can be better to serve and help our fellow Filipinos” …
The program started past 6pm with the usual introduction from the hosts of the night  Mr. George Suhitado &  Ms. Anacleta Ramos. It started from the members of the EXECOM & SECURITY TEAM with their inspirational talks and the last of course is our very own CEO LYLE SASAN, with his consistent willingness to go above and beyond, inspire, giving us the possibilities of helping and changing peoples lives. It was a delightful and motivational evening.
While all the attendees were eating their sumptuous meal  the Host were starting to call one by one all the “CERTIFIED INDEPENDENT BROKERS” , everyone was very enthusiastic to see what will happen , it was indeed inspirational seeing one after the other when their names were being called  receiving their Plaque of Appreciation and Certification , was one of their happiest rewarding moment. The emotional song “If We Hold on Together” sung by all the brokers with CEO, Ms. Darl Reyes and  Mr. Renato Reyes giving the message “holding on together we can fulfil the Smart Living Advocacy.”  All 81 Certified Independent Brokers and EXECOM Team got their share of the limelight including Mr. & Ms. Smart Living of the night.
It was this digital age that everyone enjoys much especially the Pinoy’s no one can escape that moment of Selfies and the Picture … Picture mode everyone was excited when the CEO LYLE SASAN decided to go around the table by the table for the momentous picture taking a session and a chance to interact with our beloved CEO..
Summing it up, it was absolutely a night to remember,  looking forward to the next Grand Recognition Rally in the near future.