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A message from CEO, Lyle Sasan.

I want to start by sending our sincere best wishes and thoughts to everyone in these very difficult times. With COVID and Typhoon Goni, 2020 is proving to be a year we want to put behind us quickly. 

However, I am excited and optimistic about the future and determined to deliver on our mission of changing people’s lives. 

The exceptional period in which we are now living has accelerated the importance and dominance of online, digital and our humanities virtual existence, across wide-ranging aspects of our lives.

The requirement for support, motivation, assistance and hope for a better future is now more important than ever. 

That’s why, I was so excited to have introduced a new, unique community that aims to help us deliver on our mission. That community is simply called YET. For those of you that haven’t experienced what YET has to offer, simply visit and sign up, using your agents link or ID number. 

YET membership is 100% FREE!

However, the real purpose of this statement is to inform the general public and our valued members that YET is not connected, in any shape or form, to any other project that Smart Living Marketing is, or has been, previously involved with, or promoted. 

I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the above, as it has come to my attention that some people are wrongly assuming that the YET project is connected with other ongoing promotions.

YET has no association with past or current products and services that Smart Living Marketing has promoted, or still does promote. 

Furthermore, I want to emphasise the undisputed fact that YET is an independent legal entity and it is not a continuation or extension of any other project offered by another service provider, nor are YET to be associated with other brands that Smart Living Marketing promotes or has promoted in the past. 

YET are simply another product provider that Smart Living Marketing is promoting and communicating to its worldwide network.  

We take this opportunity to assure you that Smart Living Marketing is learning and maturing and, based on comprehensive due diligence, we are certain that YET will always treat our people with respect, transparency, honesty and above all, always be true to our advocacy. No matter what. 

Thank you and God Bless.

Lyle Sasan, CEO, Smart Living Marketing. 

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CEO Statement

June 29th, 2020


Statement by CEO, Lyle Sasan in relation to Mr.  Jimmy Boy Siapno.

On behalf of the Private Capital Company under the name Smart Living Marketing, “the Company,” based in Athens, A. Zinni Street no. 40, and is legally represented.

In the context of full transparency of its actions, the Company would like to disclose the following facts to its network regarding our former partner, Mr. Jimmy Boy Siapno. 

Although the Company complied in full, to its obligations to Mr. Siapno, it was brought to our attention, that he had breached his obligations. For this reason the Company ended its cooperation with him on May 10th, 2020. 

Specifically, it was found that during our cooperation, he misappropriated funds given to him by the members of our network for their subscription. He failed to pay such funds to the Company or to third party partners, as he was obliged.

The Company has in its possession, substantial evidence and witness statements in relation to Mr. Siapno’s inappropriate actions. 

Due to his unacceptable behaviour, combined with his refusal to pay to the Company the money that he had withheld, the Company terminated its cooperation with him. 

Following the termination of its cooperation, the Company was recently informed that Mr. Siapno is attempting to discredit the Company and convince the public to participate in an alternative business that serves his interests. Whilst, naturally, he is entirely free to pursue other business interests, we felt it important that the public were made aware of the background to his departure from the Company. 

Despite the fact that the Company will repair the financial damage caused by Mr. Siapno to the members of our network, we explicitly retain all our legal rights against him, not only for the misappropriation but also for the defamation of our business.


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CEO Statement


Statement from Lyle Sasan, CEO, Smart Living Marketing. 

I am the CEO of one company, and one company only – Smart Living Marketing. 

I do not hold any positions, directorships, shareholdings or legal interests in any other organisation. 

Simply, my commitment is 100% to Smart Living Marketing and its advocacy of changing people’s lives. 

So, it saddens me when I see that a tiny minority are peddling fake news, hiding behind fake social media accounts and making statements that are untrue or unfounded, and trying to negatively affect the futures and growth of the very people they profess to represent.

Smart Living is committed to developing partnerships and bringing value-add products and services to its members and future members.  We are working hard in extremely difficult times. And we will remain focused on doing so, with our members’ interests always the priority.

As CEO of a business, I welcome and respect all genuine enquiries, as well as opinions, however I do not acknowledge fake and hidden bloggers or people that speak on an unfounded basis. 

I am here to address any requests and requirements from members, agents and any parties that may have an interest in our mission or services, as well as being here to respond and resolve any real complaints or concerns.

You can contact me at the Smart Living office in Athens.  Yes, we do indeed have an office and a real business. The details of which can be found on our website  – 

Lyle Sasan,

CEO, Smart Living Marketing.


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17 October 2019

By the Private Capital Company under the name “SMART LIVING MARKETING” based in Athens, A. Zinni Street no. 40, and is legally represented.


General Public


Embassy of the Philippines, Athens, Greece

We want to inform the general public, that we do not operate any other forms of mass communication media apart from our official Website: . All corporate communication, marketing material and description of our business’ services, products, can only be accessible via our website.

We bare no responsibility, nor we will be held responsible as a company, for any unauthorised use of our company’s literature, not limited or exhaustive to: marketing leaflets, on-line and/or offline presentations, audiovisual aids, brochures and generally any form of communication that was produced by our company, and consequently may be unlawfully copied, reduced, altered misused, misrepresented by third parties that may infringed our corporate identity and attempt to benefit from this unethical and unlawful practice.

Our services and products are only accessible via our website and/or by authorized representatives of the company, that have written permission to use our proprietary communication, marketing and sales tools and to wholly represent our values, vision and ethical business practices.

We request from the general public to refrain to proceed to any contractual attempts for our services that are not processed via our official website, and kindly to contact us and report such events. Please contact us direct, via e-mail, call us and/or visit our website to be certain on the accuracy of the information that was communicated to you.

All activities of our company are fully legitimate and we follow international good practice standards. In addition, we want to reassure the general public that in the unfortunate event that comes to our attention any unauthorised use and attempts to unlawful benefit from our corporate identity, services and proprietary communication materials by any third parties, we expressly reserve all of our legal rights.

Athens, 17-10-2019

Athens, A. Zinni Street no. 40

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Smart Living Marketing, Italy

Smart Living Marketing has participated as one of the sponsors and showed support for the yearly historic event celebration of the 121st Phil. Independence Day Commemoration last 16th of June 2019 at Idroscalo, Milan together with the Filipino Community & the Business sector organized by the Philippine Independence Day Committee (PIDC) 2019 with the cooperation and support of the Philippine Consulate General in Milan.

The PIDC hosted an Appreciation Night, 28 September 2019 at the AFGP Centro Padre Piamarta, Via Pusiano 52, Milan for the celebration of the successful event giving certificates of appreciation to the consulate, sponsors and participants. the emotional farewell Speech of the most loved and outgoing Consul General Irene Susan B. Natividad was not missed as well as the message of the Acting Consul General Mersole J. Mellejor.

The emotional moments were captured in the photos.

It was indeed a night to remember, together they showed their courage and concern for the OFW. Once again this proves when OFW unites and when patriotism & friendship prevails, they can reach far ahead, in line with the advocacy of Smart Living Marketing of changing people lives.

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