CEO Statement

June 29th, 2020


Statement by CEO, Lyle Sasan in relation to Mr.  Jimmy Boy Siapno.

On behalf of the Private Capital Company under the name Smart Living Marketing, “the Company,” based in Athens, A. Zinni Street no. 40, and is legally represented.

In the context of full transparency of its actions, the Company would like to disclose the following facts to its network regarding our former partner, Mr. Jimmy Boy Siapno. 

Although the Company complied in full, to its obligations to Mr. Siapno, it was brought to our attention, that he had breached his obligations. For this reason the Company ended its cooperation with him on May 10th, 2020. 

Specifically, it was found that during our cooperation, he misappropriated funds given to him by the members of our network for their subscription. He failed to pay such funds to the Company or to third party partners, as he was obliged.

The Company has in its possession, substantial evidence and witness statements in relation to Mr. Siapno’s inappropriate actions. 

Due to his unacceptable behaviour, combined with his refusal to pay to the Company the money that he had withheld, the Company terminated its cooperation with him. 

Following the termination of its cooperation, the Company was recently informed that Mr. Siapno is attempting to discredit the Company and convince the public to participate in an alternative business that serves his interests. Whilst, naturally, he is entirely free to pursue other business interests, we felt it important that the public were made aware of the background to his departure from the Company. 

Despite the fact that the Company will repair the financial damage caused by Mr. Siapno to the members of our network, we explicitly retain all our legal rights against him, not only for the misappropriation but also for the defamation of our business.