17 October 2019

By the Private Capital Company under the name “SMART LIVING MARKETING” based in Athens, A. Zinni Street no. 40, and is legally represented.


General Public


Embassy of the Philippines, Athens, Greece

We want to inform the general public, that we do not operate any other forms of mass communication media apart from our official Website: . All corporate communication, marketing material and description of our business’ services, products, can only be accessible via our website.

We bare no responsibility, nor we will be held responsible as a company, for any unauthorised use of our company’s literature, not limited or exhaustive to: marketing leaflets, on-line and/or offline presentations, audiovisual aids, brochures and generally any form of communication that was produced by our company, and consequently may be unlawfully copied, reduced, altered misused, misrepresented by third parties that may infringed our corporate identity and attempt to benefit from this unethical and unlawful practice.

Our services and products are only accessible via our website and/or by authorized representatives of the company, that have written permission to use our proprietary communication, marketing and sales tools and to wholly represent our values, vision and ethical business practices.

We request from the general public to refrain to proceed to any contractual attempts for our services that are not processed via our official website, and kindly to contact us and report such events. Please contact us direct, via e-mail, call us and/or visit our website to be certain on the accuracy of the information that was communicated to you.

All activities of our company are fully legitimate and we follow international good practice standards. In addition, we want to reassure the general public that in the unfortunate event that comes to our attention any unauthorised use and attempts to unlawful benefit from our corporate identity, services and proprietary communication materials by any third parties, we expressly reserve all of our legal rights.

Athens, 17-10-2019

Athens, A. Zinni Street no. 40

18 thoughts on “PRESS RELEASE”

    • Argiver paraiso bacatan
    • posted on 18th October 2019

    Thank you smart living

      • Alex Arellon
      • posted on 18th October 2019

      Let’s be proud to be a member of Smart Living …. Changing people’s Lives! 👍❤️🙏👌👏🎊🎉🎈🇵🇭 🇬🇷✅

      • Ragita Manipon
      • posted on 18th October 2019

      Thank you to our good management team for keeping us updated.
      God bless you all.

    • posted on 18th October 2019

    Thank you smart living..

    • Rolando Villaruz Onteveros
    • posted on 18th October 2019

    Thank you Smart living.

    • dexter roy
    • posted on 18th October 2019 is ONLY the official website of the company.

    • Helen Batisanan Abian
    • posted on 18th October 2019


    • Roldan Escape
    • posted on 19th October 2019

    I believe in Smart Living. For those who want to destroy – you better to stop and observe.

    • Alma Custodio Arancina
    • posted on 20th October 2019

    Thank you smartliving.

    • Imelda Padrique
    • posted on 7th November 2019

    I’m proud to be a member of Smart Living Marketing Limited because it uplifts my spirit.

    • Benjie M. Bernasol
    • posted on 8th November 2019

    Thank you so much Smart Living Marketing. May Godbless us always. To God be the glory!

      • Divina Francia
      • posted on 14th December 2019

      So proud to be a member of SMART LIVING. I know it will really have big impact when we launch. Very excited to go home soooooon and start a brand new life. Teary eyed,,,long live for our beloved CEO LYLE SASAN for giving this wonderful once in a lifetime oppotunity.

      • Editha Jallorina
      • posted on 31st July 2020

      I’m so blessed to be a part of smartliving,and Im so thankful for the life of Mr. Lyle Sasan for his dedication and he has the heart to help and change people lives specially Pilipinos.Let us be one for this purose let US join together in one accord and we’ll see our lives we’ll never be the same again thru God grace.God bless

    • Evelyn
    • posted on 17th December 2019

    The Company that makes history of changing people’s lives! That is SLML Only.

    • Jenny Vallejos Manalo
    • posted on 23rd December 2019

    Thank u Smart Living, and to our dear CEO Sir Lyle Sasan for his vission and mission for giving us the opportunity to change our life for the better!

    • Jocelyn M.Tagura
    • posted on 24th January 2020

    Thank you Sir Lyle for being an instrument with the company’s advocacy to change people’s lives. God bless and more power!

    • Leah Largo
    • posted on 12th June 2020

    When me recieve money from smart living

    • posted on 26th June 2020

    I’m a member of Smart Living since 2018. And i am happy to be part of this company 😊. I believe in the advocacy “Changing people’s lives” ❤️. Together For Life!
    “Trust the process. You’re time is coming. Just do the work and the results will handle themselves.” Tony Gaskins

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