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19th of FEBRUARY 2021

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Sea Capital is pleased to announce that since 2018 – it has been focussed on the development of its proprietary software and tech solutions, with the sole aim of delivering trading solutions and gaming opportunities that will prepare its subscription members for independent trading opportunities – via the (The Game FX project, it is a new Development) and the TradeBrain platform.

However, In a world that is evolving rapidly and with unforeseen COVID-19 and economic turmoil – Sea Capital had to alter its initial project plans and manoeuvred and positioned its self to work within the best interest of the company and its subscription members, to further develop modules and tech solutions with a primary focus around the development of the Game FX project that will support individual users, and third-party licensed Users of its technology that will deliver long term revenue and growth for Sea Capital and its subscription members.

Sea capital is proud to announce that it has engaged on a long-term contract with a Swiss External Asset Management Company to use the technology, developed and offered by Sea Capital, on a long-term revenue share basis that will secure long term underlying revenues for Sea Capital and its subscription members.

The contract anticipated to commence during March 2021 and will be for a 5 years rolling period, with customers already expressing interest to extend for the foreseeable future thereafter, and as result to ensuring long term benefits to Sea Capital and its subscription members.

Sea Capital, in 2019 developed an affiliation relationship with “One Globe” (Brand) for a subscription member’s programme, which will compliment it’s strategic affiliation with “Smart Living Marketing”. The “One Globe” subscription members was set up to allow them to have their voice heard with regards to their needs and in doing so, to allow the “One Globe” team to deliver profiling and recruitment processes, including education and other additional services with focus on personal and career development, for subscription members of any age and location.

Part of Sea Capital’s programme was to develop an e-wallet and remittance services, which in July 2019 Sea Capital was granted the relevant approvals. These products albeit that were scheduled for delivery in 2019 subject having 20.000 committed European subscription members, to this day the Company has not enough signed up number of subscription members to ensure that these services are delivered to the subscription members with a competitive and user-friendly experience, and furthermore, to add value to the company and its subscription members.

TheCompanyaimstodeliverthefullsolutionsubjecttotherequiredvolumeof subscription members has been reached within the year 2021 period. The company has the appropriate arrangements in place and is in process to bring additional benefits by way of e-wallet, Debit

Cards, seamless remittance services back to Philippines, and other regions, with its strategic partnerships, which are located in the European Union in Philippines, and other regions.

The Company focuses for 2021 to build on its expanding services of profile and recruitment builder as well as a recruitment database – skills and educational products, allowing its subscription members to be seen in the best light and open up a global line of recruitment opportunities via the Company’s recruitment global partners.

The Company, through its strategic co-operation agreement with “Smart Living Marketing” aims to deliver the best possible services to the subscription members; “Smart Living Marketing” has established 3 operational offices, 2 in Athens and 1 in Milan – of which the teams are committed to customer, the agent support and training, and furthermore the development of the career agent programme.

During these difficult times with the COVID-19 crisis, “Smart Living Marketing” with the support of Sea Capital, managed to develop and maintain a dedicated team of well committed and focussed personnel, and in doing so keeping a solid base of 30 full time employed subscription members, as permanent staff, and delivering on its promise of employment.

The Company is planning to develop the “One Mentor” and “One Teacher” services, which will be employed from its listed subscription members. The aim is for the Mentors and Teachers to help and assist the subscription members at a competitive rate on all matters of importance and relevance to personal and career development, ensuring subscription members support and employment, putting “The together for life” to reality and allowing to formally launch the centres of excellence, with Athens being the first base, and the plans are to expand as the subscription members uptake increases.

“Smart Living Marketing” is developing the career agent programme with the support and guidance from the Company to bring a solid base of well trained career agents that will understand and feel the Company’s “Mission” as their own, and be part of the development process and on going earnings and growth of the subscription members and the group.

Regular webinars of “Smart Living Marketing” and Company’s newsletters will be the standard procedures going forward, and alongside further plans and development of products and services will also be forthcoming together with regular surveys for gaining valuable indications of needs, from the subscription members and the agents.

We all working on the project with the understanding that we serve and deliver to the subscription members, using our best efforts, and will remain hand in hand on this journey, which we have chosen.

The Sea Capital subscription members would be notified in regard to their subscription membership within the first 1⁄4 of this year, as the uptake now has been closed.


Yours Truly
Sea Capital
Management Board

You can download the announcement by clicking on the “Download” button.