Smart Living Marketing, Italy

Smart Living Marketing has participated as one of the sponsors and showed support for the yearly historic event celebration of the 121st Phil. Independence Day Commemoration last 16th of June 2019 at Idroscalo, Milan together with the Filipino Community & the Business sector organized by the Philippine Independence Day Committee (PIDC) 2019 with the cooperation and support of the Philippine Consulate General in Milan.

The PIDC hosted an Appreciation Night, 28 September 2019 at the AFGP Centro Padre Piamarta, Via Pusiano 52, Milan for the celebration of the successful event giving certificates of appreciation to the consulate, sponsors and participants. the emotional farewell Speech of the most loved and outgoing Consul General Irene Susan B. Natividad was not missed as well as the message of the Acting Consul General Mersole J. Mellejor.

The emotional moments were captured in the photos.

It was indeed a night to remember, together they showed their courage and concern for the OFW. Once again this proves when OFW unites and when patriotism & friendship prevails, they can reach far ahead, in line with the advocacy of Smart Living Marketing of changing people lives.

5 thoughts on “Smart Living Marketing, Italy”

    • Margie Pereyras
    • posted on 1st October 2019

    Thanks for being a member of SLML.

    • ronald de jesus
    • posted on 4th October 2019

    Together for life, very blessed in this company for the opportunities they have given to the people. To change people’s life.

    • posted on 11th October 2019

    wowwwww congratulation SL Familys Italy ,,GOD BLESS US

    • Esmelinda Agbyani Magayano
    • posted on 18th October 2019

    Thanks Smart Living Marketing Ltd.😘😘😘😘GODBLESS our Company and Members.

    • xmc
    • posted on 22nd November 2020

    Now i am finding this web site through this Iphone 3gs and I cannot get the entire page to be able to load. we Just reckoned you should know!

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